What is new with GovFaces?

Remember the three-month launch of our beta website at the EU level ? We then proved that the eagerness of citizens and politicians to engage in meaningful conversation online is equally intense across diverse political cultures, systems and geographical boundaries. We are now continuing our journey to make politics more interactive by releasing the new GovFaces platform in the United Kingdom ahead of the May General Elections.

Taking a very tight, early focus our platform was opened on March 3rd to the community in the Portsmouth North and Portsmouth South constituencies. The full story of our efforts here in the UK’s only island city will be told in a future blog post. Suffice it to say for now that we are on a mission to showcase our website’s impact on local politics. We are doing so by fostering an ecosystem of online interaction on political issues between constituents and all the major stakeholders in the Portsmouth community. Within a few minutes and several mouse clicks, any individual can engage in a public dialogue on matters they care about with Parliamentary candidates, City Councillors, civil society organisations, journalists, academics or fellow citizens.


In terms of technical development, there’s been huge progress. Our in-house tech stars, Francisco Javier Hernández García (“Javi”) and Juan Manuel Olea (“Juanma”) have stripped down our old website and rebuilt it from scratch. This was done to build a site which is truly scalable and ready to go global. We’ve also introduced brand new features such as a personal news feed, e-mail notifications, an in-site notification system, and many more! We’ll update on more developments here as they’re coded.


GovFaces established as a S.A. in Geneva, Switzerland in 2014 and we have enjoyed establishing ourselves within the tech scenes in the areas where we are working. In February 2015 GovFaces was named by the leading business journal Bilan as one of the top 50 Swiss startups to invest in. Having presented in a full range of forums and conferences, GovFaces continues to build its reputation as a sound, forward looking company with the potential to have disruptive impact in the digital space. For more information on GovFaces as a business, follow us on LinkedIn.


While in the next few weeks our focus will be the UK general elections, the blog will remain a space where you can find relevant information about a wide range of subjects. We invite you to return regularly if you are looking for updates about our activity as an organization, about the most important discussions in GovFaces, or about general news and commentary regarding social media, technology, and political participation.

Check out the political conversation that GovFaces facilitates and don’t hesitate to join and experience it yourself. After the elections, we are looking to gradually expand across the United Kingdom. So, do drop us a line at info@govfaces.com, if you would like to use GovFaces in your local community.