What is GovFaces?

Welcome to GovFaces.

GovFaces is the first global political social network for direct, meaningful interaction between citizens and their elected representatives. GovFaces emphasizes personal online interaction between citizens, politicians and officials as well as the full range of organizations, universities, groups and media who have a say in what’s going on. We do this in a way that cannot be accomplished with current social media platforms. By providing a simple, effective community forum based on an up vote/down vote system, politicians can respond to citizens’ ideas, questions, and comments both in text and video. In this way the conversations are designed to be more efficient, targeted and personal.

Connecting politicians and citizens is the core goal of the GovFaces platform. Not everyone is a political expert. GovFaces puts government and topics on a level that people can understand. That’s why on GovFaces, users can search by topic, location or key word to find out which politicians are working on the issues that they care about most. With a global platform, citizens will be able to simply type in their postal code or the main word of the day’s news headline to find out who represents them and what issues are being discussed.

The future of politics is one in which politicians and citizens can connect and interact meaningfully online to debate ideas, proposals, and respond to each others’ questions. Yet, there is still no global political social media platform for communicating political ideas to all levels of stakeholders. GovFaces is the next step in bringing citizens closer to their politicians and officials, giving all sides a voice, and providing a neutral arena for discussion.

What makes GovFaces unique is not only the platform, but the approach we take in delivering it. We place high priorities on inclusiveness, trust and innovation. We do this by sharing the platform personally with high level politicians and officials and training them in ways to better engage with those they serve. Such dedicated service-oriented interaction with high-level users establishes the trust needed to help ensure participation on and the dedicated use of the GovFaces platform.

GovFaces will launch at the European Union in 2014. This means every MEP and Commissioner will have a profile and be personally invited to join. This though is only the beginning. Following this launch in early March, GovFaces will launch platforms in a next round European countries by late 2014, and continue rapidly expanding the global political network.


GovFaces is the first global political network for connecting citizens and representatives online meaningfully and directly. By relying on multimedia such as direct video responses, and by allowing the community to decide which issues are more important, the GovFaces platform is the most efficient and effective way of contacting your elected representative online.

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