Press Review March 28th 2014

According to EUObserver, Germany will put “treaty change back on the table” after the EU elections, so that the Eurozone institutions will be able to more adequately deal with economic problems. This would lead to a two-speed union, which is thought to be the best way to allow further integration for some, such as the Germany, and less for others, such as the UK.

The US Senate agreed for an aid package of about $1bn for Kiev, reports The Guardian. This adds to the $18 bn provided by the IMF and other international sources, for an estimated total of $27 bn, while Ukraine’s finance ministry was asking for $35bn. This support for Ukraine comes as the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to reject the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Below, a picture of the voting results, courtesy of British delegate to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant, via his Twitter account.




The acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook is seen by many internet users as a ‘slap in that face,’ highlights Le Monde. The start-up, which develops a promising headset for virtual reality, was co-funded on the Internet by almost 10.000 people, for a total amount of $2.4 million. Investors feel betrayed by this agreement, while on the other hand this opens up numerous opportunities for further development of the product.

Instragram is seen as a major tool for upcoming elections, having surpassed Twitter in number of users (over 200 million). The New York Times provided a section in 2012 dedicated to political uses of Instagram, entitled Instagramming the ElectionsThis leads one to wonder what the impact of Instagram will be for the upcoming EU elections in May.


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