Press Review March 27th 2014 asks whether the Ukrainian Crisis will lead to greater trans-Atlantic cooperation, especially in the intensification of efforts to make the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) a reality. The article notes, somewhat pessimistically, that great sub-national obstacles to a fast-tracked TTIP remain: For the United States the need for the president to get Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and combat organized labour, among other things, and for the European Union the Common Agricultural Policy and individual nation states’ interests, to name just two examples.

Could a “European Monetary Fund” replace the current Troika of the European Commission, European Central Bank, and International Monetary Fund, in dealing with the Euro-zone crisis? reports that members of the European Parliament have come to consensus on creating a new entity to deal with the Euro-zone’s recovery which would be more transparent and democratic than the current Troika.

If “Canton Marittimo” activists have their way, Switzerland would soon have a new Italian-speaking, maritime, canton, and Italy would lose Sardinia. reports on the “Canton Marittimo” movement, which it explains wants to separate the island from Italy because of what it sees as that country’s administrative inefficiency, economic stagnation, and subservience to Brussels, among other things. The movement’s activists see union with Switzerland as a solution to their woes that would bring better government, economic growth, direct democracy and greater autonomy, among the plethora of benefits.

Turkey has banned YouTube in the country after a video allegedly showing Turkish officials discussing possible military action in Syria was leaked on the video sharing website, according to An anonymous source reports that Turkey and YouTube are in talk on lifting ban if the content is removed.

Photo courtesy of Foreign Policy.
Photo courtesy of Foreign Policy.

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