Press Review March 26th 2014

Reuters reports military exercises on Tuesday by Russian troops in the breakaway Moldovan region of Transdniestria. These maneuvers raised the concerns of high-ranking NATO officials about Russia’s intentions in regards to the region, after the recent annexation of Crimea. The situation also highlights what some MEPs, such as Norica Nicolai, see as a weakness for the EU: the lack of a common security policy that would be able to handle eventual security risks (see conversation on GovFaces)

A much anticipated debate between British deputy PM Nick Clegg and UKIP leader Nigel Farage will take place this evening, at 19:00 GMT. The BBC provides a rundown of what to expect and what the context is. The debate is the first of two about whether Britain should stay in the EU, and will be available live via YouTube. Link available here.

Le Taurillon analyzes the implications of the recent French local elections for the upcoming EU elections at the end of May. While taking note of the alarming success of the far-right, the text emphasizes the importance of young, first-time voters (18-25), and explaining to them the civic importance of mobilizing to vote.

Yesterday, the European Commission published its second report on the fixed broadband performance across the EU member states and other European countries. One of the main findings is that the actual download speed is 75.6% of the advertised speed. A third study is planned for 2014. Below you will also find a graphic representation of the broadband retail prices in EU28 for 2013 (image courtesy of – see press release here):




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