Press Review March 20th 2014

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As the crisis in Ukraine continues, the lack of a cogent EU foreign policy becomes more pressing. EU Observer reports that the UK and Germany do not agree on what would constitute adequate sanctions on Russia, in light of its annexation of Crimea. Furthermore, The EU commission is tasked to come up with a plan by June to reduce energy dependence.

In an interview for Der Spiegel, leading candidates for the presidency of the European Commission Martin Schulz and Jean-Claude Juncker discuss their views on tax havens, euro bonds and the losers in the debt crisis.

Twiplomacy will be hosting a g+ hangout on the 24th to discuss whether high-ranking political figures should handle their own social media, or leave it to their staff. The panel will be loaded with important figures in diplomacy and communications. More information here.

Finally, The New Yorker asks whether ‘unplugging’ and turning off our electronic devices is really a sustainable way of living, or just a momentary respite.