Press Review April 14th 2014

As the authorities in Kiev issued an ultimatum to the pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country to disarm by Monday morning, the United Nations Security Council convened Sunday night to discuss the escalating crisis. Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of the RF at the UN, remarked that “It is precisely on the West that the possibility to avert a civil war in Ukraine is depending now,” according to Russian news agency ITAR-TASS. Meanwhile, with no clear resolutions coming out of the meeting, the US has warned of further sanctions against Russia, should the escalation continue. In consequence, Ukraine’s east “braces for anti-rebel operation,” writes Reuters.

Algeria’s election campaign is winding down, as citizens are set to cast their votes in Thursday’s presidential elections. Despite his poor health and not having appeared in person at campaign rallies, the incumbent Abdelaziz Bouteflika is expected to win a fourth term. Bouteflika and his main rival, Ali Benflis (former PM), have been waging a vicious war of words, with the latter accusing Benflis of “terrorism via the television”, in reference to warnings the former premier made against electoral fraud. A more in-depth look at the campaign and the outlook for Thursday’s elections via NOW.

Last year, Germany launched a program (Mobipro-EU) intended to help young unemployed people, particularly those from Southern Europe, start careers in Germany. Der Spiegel looks at how the program fell short due to unexpectedly high demand and insufficient initial funding – €33 million, which has since been increased to €48 million. Currently, MobiPro is scheduled to run through 2018, with the government envisioning a total of €359 million in funding. If the demand remains as high, the needed sum could swell to €800 million.

Finally, a report by the European Commission is due shortly, looking at Europe’s ICT hubs. While we wait for the report to be released, here is a teaser map via the office of Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission:

via @RyanHeathEU
via @RyanHeathEU



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