Press Review March 13th 2014

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Der Spiegel interviews one of the leading figures of the Ukranian popular opposition, former boxer turned political activist, Vitali Klitscho on his views of the demonstrations and the current situation. Klitscho said that further negotiations are necessary and that beyond the “superficial” concerns of language and culture was more important issues as jobs, income and a better life.

The BBC reports from Bosnia where the popular protests have been ongoing since the beginning of February. The people of Bosnia are experiencing high numbers of unemployment and “grinding poverty”, whereas their elected representatives are enjoying comfortable and luxurious lives.

In Sweden, the editor of the newspaper Aftonbladet critiques the “failure” of the Swedish welfare state to properly take care of its aging population.

Finally, as another example of the versatile uses of social media, ABC News highlights how it can be a lifesaving instrument in communicating forecasts of extreme weather in USA. Because people in exposed areas are increasingly relying on their computers to get essential information, weather forecasters are holding “tornado drills” on social media.