Press Review – May 14th 2014 – Ukraine round table talks; Australian federal budget; Google Inc.’s self-driving car

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed the beginning of talks aimed at shaping political dialogue, after Ukraine said its security forces had suffered a day of heavy losses. Merkel also stated that the armed separatists from eastern Ukraine were not invited to the talks, as they had “blood on their hands.” The round-table is to be co-chaired […]

What is GovFaces? Our CEO Jon Mark Wells explains

We’re less than 2 weeks away from the EU elections, with 36 candidates registered on GovFaces and waiting to answer any questions you may have for them, on top of the 43 active incumbent MEPs . In the meantime, we have a new video by our CEO Jon Mark Walls explaining exactly what GovFaces allows you (whether you’re a voter […]

Press Review – 12 May 2014 – “Referendum” in eastern Ukraine; Erdogan electioneers for German Turks votes; More austerity for Spain?

Reuters reports that the referendum on the status of eastern Ukraine has, unsurprisingly, turned out overwhelmingly in favour of self-rule. Roman Lyagin, head of the electoral commission in Donetsk, said that 89 percent of voters had cast ballots in favour of self-rule. At the time of writing it is not fully clear what self-rule will […]

Press Review – 9th May 2014 – Russia’s 9th of May celebrations, US surveillance reform, EU-Japan summit

As Russia marks the anniversary of the Second World War victory over Nazi Germany, President Vladimir Putin praised the role of the USSR in defeating fascism, according to The Guardian. The remarks are all the more poignant since the Kremlin has in the past weeks called the Kiev authorities “fascist” and urged Europe not to […]

Press Review – 06 May 2014 – A pivotal year ahead for Great Britain; Iran tries to create Shiite unity in Iraqi politics; Merkel moves to strengthen Trans-Atlantic ties despite tensions

In an ambitious essay in the Guardian, Patrick Wintour discusses the multifaceted complexity British political parties faces in the coming year leading up to the May 2015 general elections, labeling its results the “least predictable outcome for 70 years”. How will local and European elections shape the field between now and June? Will the Liberal-Democrats under […]

Press Review – May 02 2014 – Ukrainian military intervention launched, 10 years EU enlargement, Edward Snowden

Kiev – led “anti-terror” operation against pro-Russian separatists in east-Ukraine started. As several news outlets report (like the BBC), Ukrainian forces entered the region around the city of Sloviansk which is momentarily entirely under control by separatists. Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov confirmed on Facebook press reports that the “active phase” of the operation began […]

Press Review – April 30th 2014 – Elections in Iraq, Merkel meets Obama, Ukraine, Twitter stock down

Elections in Iraq. For the first time after the US withdrawel from the country, Iraqi citizens are called to vote in parliamentary elections. While the BBC  deems any predictions over the outcome difficult, it seems likely that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is going to play an influential role in the after-election coalition building. He already […]

GovNews – 29 April 2014 – Latvian-Russian Relations, the European Economy, and Immigration.

GovNews is a brief round-up of a select number of the most interesting conversations happening on GovFaces. In today’s edition,  MEP’s discuss Latvian-Russian relations, the European economy, and immigration. Question: “Dear Mrs Vaidere, how will our state’s presidency of the Council affect Latvia’s relations with Russia, considering events in Crimea?” Inese Vaidere: “As witnessed during […]

Press Review – April 29th 2014 – No Picketty craze in France; Euro-skeptics speak; and Ayad Allawi on the Iraqi elections

As the the craze over economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century sweeps the English-speaking world, Foreign Policy finds  that the same enthusiasm does not exist for his work in the scholar’s home country of France. The London School of Economics-trained economist, who helped in the founding of the Paris School of Economics, is up […]

Press Review – April 25th 2014 – Corruption in the EU; Israel-Palestine peace talks stopped; Internet Governance

The first ever review of corruption and integrity risks in the EU institutions has been presented. The Brussels office of Transparency International (TI) presented Thursday their “EU Integrity System Report” (pdf), highlighting the prevailing risks for corruption in EU institutions, which exist despite existing policies, rules, and codes of conduct. The report identifies five areas […]