Introducing GovNews!

Welcome to GovNews! Now that GovFaces is up and running, we expect both politicians and citizens to be active on the platform. This leads to a volume of questions and answers which the average user might find daunting to go into and make sense of. Therefore, GovNews keeps track and provides a highlight of the most popular or captivating interactions between politicians and citizens. Some politicians have already activated their profiles and have begun responding to questions posed to them.

liberadzkiOne such politician is MEP Bogusław Liberadzki, one of our GovFaces Champions. He is Vice-Chair of the Committee on Budgetary Control and sits on the Committee on Transport and Tourism, among others.

Asked whether developing a common European railway framework and infrastructure is a realistic goal, and what implications may follow for Poland, Mr. Liberadzki stated that the final goal of the Fourth Railway Package* is indeed a common European railway area, but that it will not be achieved before 2020, due to large differences between member states (signalling systems, certification systems etc.) Furthermore, the technical and administrative unification of the railways will be almost imperceptible to customers, except for the creation of new, faster, international rail connections.

As for Poland, Mr. Liberadzki expects that the implementation of the policy will lead to more competition in the field of passenger services, and ultimately to a higher level of service and reliability.

Another more topical question concerns the status of Ukraine after its rejection of the Customs Union and whether Russia poses a threat for the EU. Regarding the latter, Mr. Liberadzki pointed out that a prudent course of action is necessary, and that soft power (mostly economic) is the EU’s greatest asset. A very interesting statement was also put forward:

The EU should also consider the effects of chaos in Ukraine for our economic interests and the possible creation of a compensation fund for entrepreneurs.

We are very keen to learn more about the idea and we will share it with you as soon as we do!


*First time hearing of the Fourth Railway Package? Not to worry, here is a short and entertaining video explaining the measures of the European Commission in regards to the rail system: