Developing Voices: GovFaces joins World Bank Partnership

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This week GovFaces was invited to join the World Bank Global Partnership for Social Accountability. As a coalition of 85 donors, governments and civil society partners launched by the World Bank in 2012, the GPSA sets out to improve development results by identifying and supporting ways of improving citizen feedback and participation.

As the newest member of the GPSA, GovFaces joins organisations such as CARE International, the Ford Foundation, the European Commission, Georgetown University, The German Marshal Fund, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Johns Hopkins University, Oxfam, UNICEF, World Vision and others.

By bringing together these partners, the GPSA supports country specific efforts such as:

  • reporting on the conditions of children in mining areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • overseeing the delivery of health, education social protection and disaster risk management in the Philippines
  • monitoring and reporting on the delivery of municipal service such as water supply and sanitation in Belarus

In addition to affirming the GovFaces global mission of serving as a neutral platform for connecting and facilitating interaction between citizens and officials, the World Bank GPSA partnership provides a strong opportunity for GovFaces to contribute its expertise in the areas of social media, politics and communication.

Ensuring strong public participation and quality interaction between citizens and officials is difficult in the best of circumstances. Without a doubt, proper citizen involvement in both the decision making process and the implementation of those decisions stands as the most basic tenet of any democracy… as well as the most difficult challenge.


GovFaces is the first global political network for connecting citizens and representatives online meaningfully and directly. By relying on multimedia such as direct video responses, and by allowing the community to decide which issues are more important, the GovFaces platform is the most efficient and effective way of contacting your elected representative online.

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