GovFaces at Spring Agora 2014

Our own Angeliki Kallianteri, the country manager of the Greece community development team, recently delivered a speech about GovFaces and the political and digital context which surrounds the project. The speech was given at the Spring Agora 2014, organized by AEGEE Patra, at the University of Patra in Rio, Greece.

The response from the audience of around 500 was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, confirming to us once again that GovFaces is a much needed tool for democracies in this new era defined by digital interaction.

The speech was followed by a discussion with people at the GovFaces stand, and Angeliki had a chance to talk about Germany and our plans to expand into the country, and about our teams and activities in Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, or Poland. Moreover, there was much interest shown by people from places such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Serbia, or Russia.

Overall, we are very excited about the enthusiasm with which the presentation was received, proving that this is an idea worth sticking with and improving upon as we move forward and look to expand into specific countries

Angeliki Kallian
Angeliki Kallianteri presenting GovFaces at the Spring Agora 2014