GovFaces 2013: a look back on a great year

As the GovFaces team looks forward to 2014 and its first launch at the European Union, we cannot help but look back on 2013 and the incredibly developmental year it has been for our project. We’ve set up a brief review highlighting some of the major progress of the last 12 months.

Check out the GovFaces 2013 Year in Review

Visit the 2013 GovFaces Year in Review overlook.In early 2013, our website was still in its conceptual design phase, our team was limited to five crazy people with big ideas, and yet we knew we were on the right track. When we met with politicians, they said “we need this,” and citizens too told us that the GovFaces tool would revolutionize the way they speak to their representatives.

So we worked: we were lucky enough to assemble an incredible team of technical experts in Malaga, Spain that became our engineering team. We met with over 60 high level EU officials in meetings that were 100% positive. We designed, we rethought, we made it through the tough moments.

It was a year that saw a partnership developed with the World Bank, an invitation to present our platform at the European Commission’s ICT2013, a nomination at the 2013 Europas for the most innovative Central European startup, and a top prize at a Berlin entrepreneurship event.

Take a look back with us at 2013, and join us as we look forward to 2014:

  • The launch of the first GovFaces platform at the European Union (March 3)
  • The first elections ever impacted by the GovFaces platform (EU2014: late May)
  • The expansion of the GovFaces platform into three domestic systems in Europe (September-October 2014)

It’s going to be an exciting year. We cannot wait to share it with our fans and those that support the movement for 21st Century Politics.


GovFaces is the first global political network for connecting citizens and representatives online meaningfully and directly. By relying on multimedia such as direct video responses, and by allowing the community to decide which issues are more important, the GovFaces platform is the most efficient and effective way of contacting your elected representative online.

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