GovFaces Champion: MEP Nathalie Griesbeck

28208Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE – France) is our first MEP Champion from France. From the beginning she was seduced by the concept: “GovFaces is an amazing initiative! This original online platform will allow a direct and immediate contact between citizens and representatives who will be able to directly answer asked questions.”

Since she started her political career as local councilor in Metz in 1983, Nathalie Griesbeck has stressed the importance of communication with citizens, face-to-face or via the medias. Within the European Parliament, she understands her function as a link between the European Union and citizens, and thinks that GovFaces is a very interesting tool for interacting with them. According to her “In particular, few months before the European elections, this will be a nice tool to involve Europeans in the Europe we are building, because it is only when they will feel belonging to the European Union that Europeans will notice the importance of this Union and the necessity to carry on the project.”

Therefore, MEP Griesbeck strongly supports GovFaces. “I would like to welcome this new platform creation which I support and wish to be very successful.”

Nathalie Griesbeck’s profile is available here!


GovFaces is the first global political network for connecting citizens and representatives online meaningfully and directly. By relying on multimedia such as direct video responses, and by allowing the community to decide which issues are more important, the GovFaces platform is the most efficient and effective way of contacting your elected representative online.

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