First Past The Post: a brief look at the UK electoral system

The views in this article do not represent the GovFaces official position.  On 7th May Britons will vote to decide who they want as their local MP. This will eventually decide which party (or parties) will go on to form a government, whether it be minority or majority. The system used currently for the general election is first-past-the-post (FPTP) – […]

GovNews – Immigration & the EU

This section highlights conversation topics from our platform and does not represent the GovFaces official position.  Immigration has been one of the major topics of discussion in Britain in the past few years, and has consequently been central so far in this campaign, with most parties agreeing that immigration is an issue in itself, and that a policy […]

Round-up 17/4/2015

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy announcement generated a lot of online discussion. One piece which caught our attention points out that, while Twitter plays a very important role for politicians who need to broadcast their views, the social network is not all that great when it comes to convincing undecided voters or changing people’s minds. Our own […]

News roundup 4/4/2015

March marked the 9 year anniversary for Twitter. The Guardian compiled a list of some of the most iconic tweets sent out in this period.   The White House appointed Jason Goldman to be its first Chief Digital Officer. The officer will be overseeing the White House’s digital outreach and leading its Office of Digital […]

Case study: city leadership through social media

GovFaces co-founder Connor Sattely explains why new tools crafted especially for political interaction are needed for true social digital engagement.  The “social media revolution” is now sealed – an overwhelming majority of those in positions of leadership in cities now use Twitter, Facebook, and other tools to connect with citizens. However, this development has not […]

What is new with GovFaces?

Remember the three-month launch of our beta website at the EU level ? We then proved that the eagerness of citizens and politicians to engage in meaningful conversation online is equally intense across diverse political cultures, systems and geographical boundaries. We are now continuing our journey to make politics more interactive by releasing the new […]

GovFaces at Spring Agora 2014

Our own Angeliki Kallianteri, the country manager of the Greece community development team, recently delivered a speech about GovFaces and the political and digital context which surrounds the project. The speech was given at the Spring Agora 2014, organized by AEGEE Patra, at the University of Patra in Rio, Greece. The response from the audience of […]