Pompey Pound? Star & Crescent’s GovFaces campaign tackles local currency

Another campaign is underway on GovFaces. Star & Crescent, a news, commentary and satire website for and by Portsmouth people, are very excited to have kickstarted a local conversation about Portsmouth’s very own local currency. What are the goals of this campaign? It wants to get people thinking and talking about a local currency: what […]

What is new with GovFaces?

Remember the three-month launch of our beta website at the EU level ? We then proved that the eagerness of citizens and politicians to engage in meaningful conversation online is equally intense across diverse political cultures, systems and geographical boundaries. We are now continuing our journey to make politics more interactive by releasing the new […]

GovFaces at Spring Agora 2014

Our own Angeliki Kallianteri, the country manager of the Greece community development team, recently delivered a speech about GovFaces and the political and digital context which surrounds the project. The speech was given at the Spring Agora 2014, organized by AEGEE Patra, at the University of Patra in Rio, Greece. The response from the audience of […]

St. Gallen Symposium interviews GovFaces CEO Jon Mark Walls

Reconciling the Clash of Communication “In May, 200 carefully selected Leaders of Tomorrow will participate in the 44th St. Gallen Symposium. In many cases, this experience strongly influences their professional and personal development. For example, Jon Mark Walls, participant is 2012, co-founded a venture together with a fellow Leader of Tomorrow that particularly reflects the […]

Rejoignez GovFaces France et prenez part à la Politique du XXIème siècle !

Pensez vous vivre une époque intéressante ? Cette expression est parfois utilisée avec une forte teinte d’ironie, laissant penser que «intéressant» serait un euphémisme pour turbulent. A GovFaces, nous sommes conscients que notre époque est, en effet, très intéressante, et cet intérêt passe par l’actualité politique et sociale, dont nous voulons refléter le meilleur. Comment […]

Developing Voices: GovFaces joins World Bank Partnership

This week GovFaces was invited to join the World Bank Global Partnership for Social Accountability. As a coalition of 85 donors, governments and civil society partners launched by the World Bank in 2012, the GPSA sets out to improve development results by identifying and supporting ways of improving citizen feedback and participation. As the newest member […]