Portsmouth Labour Council Leader John Ferrett supports Liz Kendall for leader

A Labour contribution to our Voices of Portsmouth series, from the party’s Portsmouth Council Leader, Councillor John Ferrett: http://govfaces.com/en/john.ferrett The 2015 General Election produced one of the most dramatic and unexpected outcomes in living memory. For the preceding five years the opinion polls had been fairly consistent in predicting a hung parliament and right up to […]

Matthew Winnington does ‘Voices of Portsmouth’

Our next guest blog post comes from Matthew Winnington, Eastney and Craneswater Liberal Democrat Portsmouth City Councilor. Check out his GovFaces profile: http://govfaces.com/en/winney83.  The General and Local Elections in Portsmouth this year were in some way a microcosm of what happened nationwide both in parliamentary seats where the Lib Dems were strong and where we were […]

The 2015 General Election for UKIP and the Way Forward

The next article in our Voices of Portsmouth series comes from Portsmouth North candidate Mike FitzGerald of UKIP. Start a conversation with him on GovFaces! The recent general election campaign was a challenging period which rewarded and taxed in equal measure.  Looking back now there is certainly more to be positive about than was apparent immediately […]

Election Reflections from the Portsmouth Cycle Forum

The following text comes from Jon Spencer, Chair of the Portsmouth Cycle Forum. The Cycle Forum is a lobby group pushing for a better deal for cycling in the city. Start a conversation with them on GovFaces!  For any group that needs to lobby politicians the election period is of the first importance. The election is when politicians […]

Back to the Future: But how far back?

Dr. Paul McVeigh is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Portsmouth. Start a conversation with him on GovFaces! Growing up in the 1980’s my political education involved the rapid destruction of one set of supposed political certainties within a matter of years. In the first half of that decade, the Cold War between the […]

Portsmouth SU President Grant Alexander Chapman-Clarke’s checklist for Portsmouth

Grant Alexander Chapman-Clarke is President of the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union. If you would like to start a conversation, here is the Students’ Union GovFaces profile.  Once again, I have been asked to summarise the views of 24,000 students that attend the University of Portsmouth; always a nice task! However, I feel that my approach […]

“It’s the real world, homie”

Our CEO Jon Mark Walls reflects on the challenges and satisfactions of being an entrepreneur. On the opening page of his recent (highly recommend) book “The hard thing about hard things”, Ben Horowitz quotes Kanye West highlighting a fundamental building block of understanding necessary for venturing into the world of entrepreneurship and startups: “This is the […]

First Past The Post: a brief look at the UK electoral system

The views in this article do not represent the GovFaces official position.  On 7th May Britons will vote to decide who they want as their local MP. This will eventually decide which party (or parties) will go on to form a government, whether it be minority or majority. The system used currently for the general election is first-past-the-post (FPTP) – […]

Case study: city leadership through social media

GovFaces co-founder Connor Sattely explains why new tools crafted especially for political interaction are needed for true social digital engagement.  The “social media revolution” is now sealed – an overwhelming majority of those in positions of leadership in cities now use Twitter, Facebook, and other tools to connect with citizens. However, this development has not […]