GovFaces is a platform which will help you easily find your elected representatives and meaningfully communicate with them online. At the same time we help those officials understand and easily respond to the messages they receive from constituents.

Why is GovFaces any different from Facebook or Twitter?

Imagine a Facebook photo, posted by a high-ranking official. Within minutes, it has 3,000 comments. By the end of the day, 30,000 more. On Twitter, a president’s Tweet is retweeted thousands of times and generates even more responses. But is this meaningful, two-way communication? Does it facilitate debate or inspire real-world action by the politician? GovFaces fills a huge need by providing a platform on which meaningful conversation can take place between officials and their constituents. We take care to make sure each user is able to participate and be part of every conversation. We also help the officials to not drown in the massive communication they receive, but instead respond in a thoughtful, targeted fashion.

When does GovFaces launch?

GovFaces first launched a European Union platform to coincide with the crucial 2014 E.U. elections. After this early and successful test run, our platform was opened on March 3rd 2015 to the community in the Portsmouth North and Portsmouth South constituencies. We are on a mission to showcase our website’s impact on local politics. We are doing so by fostering an ecosystem of online interaction on political issues between constituents and all the major stakeholders in the Portsmouth community. Within a few minutes and several mouse clicks, any individual can engage in a public dialogue on matters they care about with Parliamentary candidates, City Councillors, civil society organisations, journalists, academics or fellow citizens.

When will GovFaces come to my community?

It’s hard to predict the rate at which GovFaces will add new platforms. We want to make sure each platform takes into account the widely varying characteristics of each country’s political system. We do plan to scale and adapt the platform to other countries and regions following our implementation at the European Union.

About the GovFaces Blog

The GovFaces Blog is the main channel of communication for our organization. If you’d like to be kept up to date with how the platform is progressing and how politicians are interacting with users on it, this is the right place!

At the same time, in the spirit of democracy and open discussion, the blog is a space for volunteers involved with GovFaces to publish articles about e-governance, political social media, or citizen participation from their own home country. We also welcome contributions from outside GovFaces. Please keep in mind that items posted on the Press Review and Commentary & Analysis sections do not necessarily reflect the views of GovFaces.

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